My DVR, Social Media, and Time Travel

For years anyone recording a sporting event had to dodge a minefield of result indicators. You can always spot the guy. Whenever anyone says hello to him the first thing out of his mouth is, “I”m taping the game! Don’t say anything about the game!”
“Actually, sir, I was just going to tell your our lunch specials.”

“No! You might slip the Dolphins score into the catch of the day!”

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“DVR Wars” By Chris Zito

Marriage has always been about compromise. Give and take. You win some, you lose some. Meet in the middle. Spouses compromise over big things like spending, parenting, and religion. In the twenty-first  century compromise is more vital to marriage than ever before. Because couples have to share space on the DVR.

Please don’t tell me there’s no room for Conan because you’re
saving four episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

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