“What Do I Know?” By Chris Zito

My son presented me with just about the greatest opportunity of my life the over the weekend. He wandered out of his bedroom Saturday morning and into my office. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he asked, “Daddy, do you know everything?”

“Yes, my son. I DO know everything. Now go forth and pick up thy toys.”

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“Key Search” By Chris Zito

Everyone had eaten breakfast and brushed their teeth. Vince was all set for school and I was actually heading out the door on time for work.
That’s when the car keys turned up missing.

“Have you seen me?”

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“The Wheels on the Bus” By Chris Zito

Vincent is now in kindergarten. He’s ridden the bus to and from school maybe ten times now. He’s not crazy about it. He takes after his father.

Most of the kids seem anything but relaxed.

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“We’re Building Something” By Chris Zito

This past weekend we took our nearly six-year old son, Vince, to the Drive-in. Yep, they’re still a few of them out there. You just need to look around a little.

Who doesn’t love the Drive-In? The owner of the Multiplex!

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“When Gall Bladders Attack!” By Chris Zito

My poor wife awakens this morning to face her first full day gallbladderless. Having turned on her, the gallbladder was removed in a simple procedure that most 21st century surgeons could perform with one hand tied behind their back. As simple as making a stack of pancakes. Poor little thing didn’t stand a chance.

“Hey, at least I went down swingin!”

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“I Would Have Fired Me” By Chris Zito

My first summer job was at the Farmer’s Market. The place was right across the street from where my dad sold cars. He saw that they were hiring and vouched for me. Guess he didn’t know me as well as thought he did.

My enthusiasm was matched only by my speed.

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“Trail Runner” By Chris Zito

When my friend invited me to go trail running with him, I was thrilled. I’d just recently gotten my pace down near 10 minute miles again and increased my distance past 3 miles. Both were milestones I hadn’t hit in years. Trail running had been off the docket since I was under forty. I’m now over fifty. What could possibly go wrong?

Lookin’ good, Zito!

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