“Staff Sargent Marden” by Chris Zito

My nephew Tyler is a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I lost count of how many nights I prayed for his safe return and can’t even imagine how scared his mother was at times. I just saw him over the weekend. He’s a young, strong, heavily tattooed genuine American hero.

Boy, I didn’t see that coming.

That’s our man on the left. What a way to make a living!

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Aunt Rose by Chris Zito

There were no day care centers when I was a toddler. My father’s younger sister Rose used to come to house every morning and stay with me while Mom worked as a chemist at Mercy Hospital downtown and Dad tried to convince anyone who happened into Sears that what they really needed was a brand new washer and dryer.
I loved Aunt Rose.

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“Let’s Have a Parade” by Chris Zito

“I love ‘morial Day!” Vince can’t wait for the parade. He’s knows the drill. Candy thrown from floats, a balloon, and ICE CREAM!!!

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