Take a Gander!

I’ll be using this blog to write mostly about being a husband and father. If you’ve ever seen my stand up act you know those are my obsessions. You can also keep up with the latest on my job search, my attempts at weight loss, and DIY mishaps!


4 Responses

  1. I really miss listening to you on the radio.

  2. Zito,
    Love the blog, especially all the kid stories.. As a mom of 2 and a step mom of 2 more I can definatly relate.. Now, if I could be half as funny as you, maybe I could put all the torturous stories to good use 🙂

  3. Zito, I hope you make it back on radio SOON, I’m not sure how much more of “Steve” I can take! If it was not for Jen, that old station would not be on my radio in the morning. Please hurry back or let us know where you’ll be next!

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