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“The Big Draw” by Chris Zito

A “draw,” in show biz lingo, is an act that has real fans, a serious following. When I do stand up the people are in the club to see a comedy show. When Jerry Seinfeld does stand up people in the theater are there to see Jerry Seinfeld. He’s a draw.

“Anyone here to see Zito? Didn’t think so.”

Several weeks ago my father announced that he was coming north for the holidays. Two weeks. He’d split the time between my place and my brother’s in Poughkeepsie. I immediately and shamelessly played the Santa card. We have the only little kid left in the family so if Dad had any interest in watching one of his grandchildren awaken to the wonder of Christmas that only a bunch of new toys can bring we were his only option. An email from one of my brothers went out to the entire family within days with the subject line, “Santa Wins.” Dad is due here for the big reveal Christmas morning.

This could mean a few extra toys for Vince.

Once this news broke my daughter called from Michigan to announce she would be attending. Days later my only sister, and the brother of the “Santa Wins” email fame called to say they’d be coming up from New York City. Vince was already excited about “Pap Pap” coming. With the news that his big sister, an aunt, and an uncle would be at the house we instituted the “Child’s Head May Explode Any Minute” watch.

Judging from how excited the boy is in early December, it could be
a truly grisly scene on Christmas morning.

You see, Dad is pushing 88 years old. No matter how you slice it that’s an old guy. He looks younger. He lives alone. He still drives! I’m not bragging, that’s a warning! Just kidding, Dad. (You see, along with all the other stuff he does he also surfs the net and uses email daily. Which means he reads this blog faithfully.)

Not my Dad. Do you think a cane wielding old man draws? Never.

So we will have a house full at Christmas. Dad at the head of our table with three of his five kids, his first grandchild (my daughter) and his last (Vince), and one of his three favorite daughters-in-law. It takes a big heart to spread enough love for a crowd that size. Piece of cake for Dad. That’s how he got to be such a big draw in the first place.

Thanks for reading. Tell you pals.
Chris Zito


3 Responses

  1. What a great holiday you will have.I am very happy for all of you.Merry Christmass

    Tom Zito

  2. Hey, great post!
    I wanted to write you to let you know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!
    Check it out
    P.S. I swear, this is NOT spam
    PPS Do you think artificial intelligence has gotten smart enough that it knows how to say that it’s not spam? I hope not…

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