“Three of My Best Days” By Chris Zito

The day my son, Vince, was born six years ago today was one of my best days.
Sometimes known as my “do over” child, he’s been a revelation. And a source of ten new minutes of stand up material. So far.

Tummy time. Feel the burn!!!

Another best day was December 19, 1979, when my only daughter, Jessica was born. I was only nineteen at the time and too young and stupid to even be afraid of fatherhood.  That fearlessness somehow got passed on to her and she brings it to every task she faces. She changed my life more than any other person ever has when she arrived.

Thanks to her I got the job title I’ve held the longest.

Third best day…hey, wait these aren’t in order of which day was better! I don’t play favorites! Okay, Vince is the cutest, but he’s six! You can’t expect grown up people to be that cute. When my daughter was six she had no front teeth, thick glasses, and an eye patch and was so cute it made people’s hearts stop.

Grown ups just can’t pull off the toothless look.

The third day is December 2, 1983, when my first son, Ben, was born. He broke his collar-bone at birth. The morning after he was born I came to the hospital and his little forearm was safety pinned to his onesie! I looked down and said, “Shake it off, you pussy!” (Right then and there I learned that fathers don’t treat their sons and daughters the same.) Ben grew into some serious free labor around the house. He also made me a grandfather.

Kaylee, Aiden, and Anthony.
Now my son knows what my best days felt like.

Happy Birthday, Vince.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


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