“Man Vs. Garage” By Chris Zito

When it’s a little dank and smelly. When it’s become no place for women or children.
When any search turns into a lost afternoon, it’s time to clean the garage.

“Where’s my Turtle Wax?”

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“On a Dime” By Chris Zito

When kids are little it’s easy to cheer them up. You can kiss their boo-boo, give them ice cream, or sometimes wait a few minutes and everything changes. Most children under eight are basically bi-polar.

There’s no height requirement for
the emotional roller coaster.

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“Officer Daddy” By Chris Zito

I’ve crossed over from just playmate into the dreaded land of the enforcer. My five-year old needs constant reminders of what is next and what we expect of him. I sound more and more like a cop dealing with a drunk than a sweet Daddy.

“Sir, is this your Bakugon on the floor? Sir?”

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