“Don’t Believe the Skype ” By Chris Zito

Remember when the Video Phone was a far off, futuristic dream left to the Jetsons? Jane Jetson had a “ready-to-be-seen-in-public” mask she could slip on if someone called early in the morning and she was still in her curlers.

“Jane always looked good on the outside, but…”

Actual video phones exist today, but they’re not exactly in every home. There’s a hilarious scene in the Albert Brooks movie, “Mother” featuring an early video phone.” Debbie Reynolds spends an entire conversation trying to get the right angle to see her grown son. She fails.

The best and most widely used way to communicate by video these days is Skype. It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s handy when you’re separated from family. My sister and I used it while she was in China. She could see me and I could see her and that’s mostly what we talked about.
“Hey! There you are!”
“Oh my God! This is so cool!”
Once the novelty wears off we’ll eventually have a conversation over Skype about something other than Skype.

There was a time when we’d pay $3.99 a minute
just to call and say, “Guess where I’m calling from?”

The last few weekends I’ve had to travel for stand up.  Thanks to Skype I can completely interrupt Kimi and Vince’s evening and lock them to the chair in the office so they can entertain me for a few minutes.
“Vince, do you see Daddy?” Kimi asks as he desperately tries to squirm his way back to whatever he was doing before I called.
“Hey, Vince! It’s Daddy! I see you!”
“Hi, Daddy. I see you.”
“Daddy’s away working. But I can see you on Skype!”

The kid is really advanced. Only five years old and having the same conversation with me that his aunt the college professor has had.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


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