“Quest For Johnny” By Chris Zito

Vince has moved on from Scooby-Do and has become obsessed with all things SpongeBob. There is much debate among parents over whether this is appropriate viewing for five year olds. After all, they protest, Squidward calls people bad names like “idiot” and “stupid.” But as I always point out to my son, Squidward is never happy, never really ever successful unless he accepts help. He’s not exactly a bad guy, but he reaps what he sows.

Is five too young to learn that some guys are just assholes?

There is a huge cartoon generation gap between this kid and I. I’m an older dad, so my tastes reach way back to Looney Tunes, Merry Melodies, and my all time favorite, Johnny Quest.  Quest had it all: laughs, adventure, an exotic best friend of color, a smart father. And that music! My pulse still goes up during the title sequence when the main theme pulses while tank fire destroys the giant eye on spider legs.

When Vince gets older and asks for an explanation of Race Bannon
and Dr. Quest’s relationship, he’ll get an honest answer.

Vince is probably a little young for Johnny and his trusty dog, Bandit. There is a more complex plot structure to the show than say, Tom and Jerry. His mom absolutely forbids that one. Once when Vince and I were home alone and channel surfing we came across Tom and Jerry.
“I want to watch that!” Vince said.
“Mommy doesn’t want you to watch that,” I explained.
“Mommy’s not here.”
Duly noted, pal. I’ll remember that attitude when you’re sixteen and ask, “What? Don’t you trust me?” Short answer? Nope.

This inspirational cartoon featured constant miraculous recoveries.

So until he’s a bit older I’ll lay off trying to turn him on to all the TV I loved when I was a kid. He’s better off learning all the stuff I liked to do outside anyway.

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Chris Zito



2 Responses

  1. Yes, moms have different cartoon standards than dads sometimes. I’ve gotten into trouble for letting our 3 year old daughter watch Pokemon.

  2. I loved Jonny Quest as a kid too. We ended up doing a bit tying him to Crest’s ‘Cavity Creeps’ in the 90’s. Talk about a narrow audience – but we loved those old cartoons.

    If you want a laugh it’s at http://boffoyuxdudes.wordpress.com/2009/09/25/jonny-quest-toothpaste-and-other-anomalies/

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