“Recession Workout” By Chris Zito

I have now been self-employed again for nearly a year. That’s why I haven’t been to the gym to workout since my last regular gig ended. Couldn’t get the expense approved. As any self-employed guy will tell you, the hours suck, the money is light, and the boss is often unreasonable.

If I had a waist like this guy, I wouldn’t be so worried about getting back to the gym.

There are two flights of stairs in the house. After my wife started working full-time again and the laundry became my domain I noticed that carrying a full basket of folded clothes from the basement all the way up to the bedrooms left me winded. Embarrassingly winded. Let-me-just-sit-down for a minute winded. Where-are-my-nitro-pills winded. We’re talking winded.

I’ll put the underwear away, just give me a second.

As a runner with no gym membership living through a New England winter my options are limited. I’ve now developed the “Recession Workout.” Yes, officially the recession has ended for bank execs and CEO’s and a few lucky others. For the rest of us, things aren’t exactly humming financially so a little creativity goes a long way.

Okay, I’m still waiting for the “trickle down.

Here’s how the Recession Workout goes. After Kimi and Vince are out the door to work and school, I go downstairs and fire up whatever is on the DVR from the night before. I keep some basic home exercise equipment on hand and use moves I’ve picked up from trainers over the years. The stairs come into play during the commercials. Instead of fast forwarding through them I use the time to run up and  down both flights until the commercial break is over.

This gets my heart rate up much better than watching a car ad.

Not only is this a great workout, but I get plenty of basic morning chores done in the process. I’ll run up both flights, make a bed, run down. Run up both flights, put away some clothes, run back down. By the time the workout is finished, I’ve watched two episodes of the Daily Show, picked up the upstairs, burned a few calories and no one is the wiser.
Until today.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


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