“Zero to Playtime in No Seconds” By Chris Zito

“Daddy! This guy is an alien with four arms. Daddy. Look at the alien I made. Daddy!”
This statement is the first sound heard as I climb from a dead sleep into the early morning. My son Vince is in full play mode.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this guy every morning?

My boy has now reached an age where he doesn’t cry out for Mommy upon awakening. He doesn’t pad into our room first thing to make sure everyone is in place and all is right with the world. That’s baby stuff. This is a full-blown little boy who wakes up ready to pick up where he left off the night before. The second he opens his eyes these days he’s in Overdrive. Trouble is, I wake up in Park.

We start every day playing catch up.

I’ve been doing my best to teach the kid to start the day a little more slowly.  Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice that he comes in the room at all. We’re only a year or so away from waking up and finding him downstairs in front of the TV and eating a bowl of Corn Pops with a little extra sugar sprinkled on them.

“Hey, Dad! My future SAT scores have fallen
50 points in the last half hour.”

It’s really a matter of manners. The polite thing to say before anything else in the morning is “Good Morning.” There’s nothing wrong with instilling some proper decorum in the home. He’s getting the hang of it. Now my day starts with Vince saying, “Good morning, Daddy. This guy is an alien with four arms. Daddy. Look at the alien I made. Daddy!”

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Chris Zito


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