“Yo-Yo Me” By Chris Zito

I’ve lost over 75 pounds over the last ten years. All but 16 of them rest on my frame today. I’m a before and after and after that poster boy. God Bless America!

Picture this guy with hair and he’s the spitting image of me!
Enjoy your breakfast.

Over the years my best weight loss success has come when I’ve got a good job or its warm out, meaning either I can afford a gym membership and a trainer or I can run outside. Exercise is paramount for me. Food is much less of a variable. I’m going to eat plenty no matter my current weight. Especially at night. A wonderfully cooked meal lovingly presented is nice, but there’s something special about food that’s been rummaged around for before one sits down to watch wants on the DVR (if there is anything.)

If a man eats after midnight and no one hears him,
he’s like a tree falling in the woods. A big, fat one.

I’ve tried limiting my calories during the day. Go with the “total calories in and out” theory and forget about all the stuff people say about not eating at night. Then I end up being Ghandi all day and Fred Flinstone after everyone else goes to bed.

Only peaceful resistance to my appetite can bring me results.

The job market isn’t looking all that great, but spring is coming. Before you know it, the crocuses will be peeking out and  my trusty running shoes and I will hit the streets again. What a treat for the neighbors.

“Look, honey. That guy that used to run by here last fall has a chubby older brother.”

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris  Zito


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