“If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Build a Snow Fort” By Chris Zito

We’ve got near record snow fall for the season. February just started. By the time the first crocus pops up every guy without a snow blower will be hospitalized.

“The next person who mentions “lifting with the legs” is a goner.”

This past Sunday Vince and I went out in the relative warmth (34 degrees) so he could climb some of the mountains of snow and I could widen the driveway a little. More of the white stuff is expected today and tomorrow and everyone is wondering where we’re going to put it. I’m normally on pretty good terms with God, but right about now I’d tell Him exactly where He can put it!

“It was a
joke! Can’t you take a joke?”

I announced to the boy that we were going to make a snow fort. He had no idea what I was talking about. Snow forts are out of vogue these days. Mostly because grown ups don’t generally make them, kids outside playing in the snow without adult supervision make them. And the last time there were kids outside playing in the snow without adult supervision Yukon Cornelius was fresh off the drawing board.

“Hey, kids! Who wants to ride a bike with no helmet?”

I kept it simple, dug a narrow path from the front walkway out into the front yard and created a clearing where maybe three of Vince could fit. The walls were up to the top of his head. As I started working on a matching one heading outward from the other side of the walkway, Vince got busy. He started bringing in pieces of icicles. I could hear him talking to himself in different voices the way kids do when they leave us and go off into their own world, imagining who knows what.

Snow fort, space ship, soccer field, menacing cave…

All this snow shoveling is breaking my back. But the kid just loves the snow. Loves it. Part of my job is to make sure he looks back and remembers the winter for the fort, not the pissing and moaning. That’s why I do my pissing and moaning here. Vince can’t read yet.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


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  1. love this post. love all of ’em, really. I can really relate. Thank you for that.

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