“Different Christmas” by Chris Zito

Christmas traditions are what give us that warm holiday feeling. Heartburn. The more we feel like “it just doesn’t seem like Christmas unless” blank happens the more pressure we feel around the holidays. I say mix it up every year. Put the tree in a different spot. Spend Christmas Eve in a different place. “What are we doing this year?” is less stressful than “Why aren’t we doing that this year?”

“Oh no! I forgot to put out the ribbon candy that no one eats!”

On a side note, ribbon candy really is the loveliest and most dangerous edible Christmas item ever conceived. Mom used to put it out every year and somehow I’d forget the lacerations it causes on the roof of my mouth the year before. That’s the magic of the holiday season, compartmentalizing any pain from previous years, stowing it away and looking for the best in everyone. Until you eat the ribbon candy and end looking like a pro wrestler after a cage match.

More dangerous than Capt Crunch right out of the box.

I admit there are some things we do every year. Right now we’re on a run of always being home on Christmas Eve so we wake up with Vince Christmas morning. After all, Santa only comes to the house for a few short years so you’ve got drink that in while you can. After some evil little jerk in the second grade blows the lid off the whole thing we’ll consider traveling again.

Just because your uncle passed out while playing Santa and is now in
rehab doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for my kid!

Try as I may little traditions did sneak in as my older kids were growing up. One year my daughter, then in her twenties, came to spend Christmas with us. At the end of the day she told me she’d had a wonderful Christmas but was a little disappointed that she hadn’t found an orange in the bottom of her stocking. Her mother used to put one in the toe to stretch out the stockings and make them easier to stuff.  It hadn’t even crossed my mind. Hey kid, just be glad I didn’t put out any ribbon candy!

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


6 Responses

  1. My mother in law has glass ribbon candy she puts out every year. Imagine my surprise.

  2. So true, Zito!

  3. I keep putting them in our stockings. Andrew remains nonplussed. I’m convinced it will eventually catch on.

  4. Love it Chris…especially the picture of santa!!! Looks like someone I use to know!! ha,ha!

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