“Time Flies When You’re Having Vince” By Chris Zito

A day off, really off, is rare when you’re self-employed. You have to force yourself. There’s always something, some writing, some calls, some little fire to extinguish. But after a week of working every night, traveling half the time, and schmoozing more than I like to, it was time to catch up on a little father/son action.
No matter how busy I get, I try to find quality time for the boy.
The question was, what do we do all day? We check the budget-zero. All the parenting magazines tell you to do crafts with the kids if you have a free day to spend (and you like crafts). And according to them everything you do with the kid should be a learning experience. Believe me it is. He teaches me something important every day.
Who else could teach me about the exciting world of Bakugan?

The important thing, they say, is sharing yourself. Just take the time to show the kid who you are. Let him get to know you. Impart what you know is some creative way.
“…and right here is where Daddy keeps the number for AAA.”

While I was wracking my brain about how would should spend the day Vince asked, “Can we make a train track?” Where did that come from? He hadn’t asked about his wooden train set in months and months.
Out of sight of my mind I understand. But how does a kid ignore
an actual piece of furniture for a year and a half?

Suddenly I got the idea to move the thing. Just move it from the corner into the middle of the room. Not only did Vince dive right into the train set he also couldn’t help but notice all the cool toys that had been stored under it. Two dump trucks, a remote control dinosaur, and a slipper I hadn’t seen since Christmas morning of ’07.

There you are, Fluffy! I missed you!

We made a train track, filled the dump trucks and emptied them, and that remote control dinosaur became the star of  “Godzilla VS Wooden Train Set.” The next thing you know it was story time and the kid was sound asleep. Don’t know if got everything he needed that Sunday but he sure filled me up for the week.
Thanks for reading. Tell your pals. Chris Zito
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