“Can I Try That Mister?” By Chris Zito

Last week my good friend and I built new steps for my front porch. We were equal partners in the project.
He supplied the labor. And the tools. And the design. And the expertise.
I supplied the materials and mostly stayed out of his way.

I was already long lost by the time we got to this point.

It took me back to my childhood days “helping” my dad work around the house.  He was good with his hands and he tried to teach me but I wasn’t much of a student. Mostly it was, “hand me that screwdriver.” or “hold this measuring tape.” or “For God’s sake, go bother your mother for a while, please!!!”

Dad would have had the window fixed sooner if it weren’t for his meddling kids!

I’ve managed to learn a few things about the house over the years. When it’s either fix it yourself or pay some guy to do it you find a way if at all possible. I’m no master pipe fitter but I can keep the faucets and the toilet running. I’m pretty handy with any insulation projects. But I stay far away from any and all electrical work.

Let’s see, burn down the house or call an electrician?

As with most unhandy men my lack of talent with tools is a constant worry for my wife. She’s never let me live down my attempt to hang a full length mirror on a closet door while we were dating. This was a simple operation with easy to follow instructions. Instructions which I followed for over five hours before she finally went to the store and got one those “hang over the door jobs.”
To this day it’s the hardest I’ve ever made her laugh.

Once it was hung I suggested she take a good look at herself.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


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