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“‘No, I’m Good Right Here” By Chris Zito

It seems five-year olds easily get stuck. Whatever Vince is doing at any moment, he’s into it. No matter what I suggest comes next, he’s not interested. Whether it’s getting out of bed in the morning for school or leaving school at the end of the day the response is the same. “I wanna stay here!”

This kid looks too young to be sleeping it off. Get up already!

It’s almost inconceivable to me how much Vince lives in the  moment. Once he starts a certain task he is so engrossed that no matter what I want him to do next his first response is always, “I don’t want to.” This is not only an indication of his focus on what is right in front him but evidence that he didn’t really understand what I just told him.
I say, “Vince, time for a tubby.”
“I don’t want a tubby, Daddy!”
“Who’s asking what you want? Not me. Mommy, did you ask if Vince wants a tubby? Nope, Mommy either.”
“But I don’t want a tubby, Daddy,” he says as though I’m the one who doesn’t understand. Long story short. Tubby. No one ever said being five was easy.

Who’s he kidding? He couldn’t wait to put this thing on his head!

The stay in bed thing is surprising though. I’ve already raised two kids so I’m quite familiar with the sleeping habits of the American teenager. They can sleep for 14 hours straight. They just never seem to try it when there is nowhere to be. They haven’t quite outgrown being so engrossed that they won’t change tasks. This is why when my grown son, Ben, was 14 he would often find it impossible to stop playing Madden Football until 11:30 on a Thursday night and then be useless at school the next day. This was always followed by another late night session of video games and breakfast for Ben at about two in the afternoon on Saturday. These memories make it all the sweeter to be able to pick Vince up and put him where I want him.

Guaranteed this kid isn’t dreaming about Algebra.

Watching my kid do just about anything fascinates me. But understanding his Zen like focus is what really inspires me. The boy’s head and his ass are always, and I mean always, in the same place. If I can manage that twice a week I’m doing well. Thanks for the lesson, Vince.

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Chris Zito


3 Responses

  1. Chris, I LOVE you!!! I’m your cousin – so of course i love you in a “cousinly” way. I look forward to your stories everyday – you are so very talented and America needs to realize this (and as soon as possible!) –
    Love ya,


  2. You nailed it–why do we lose that intensity? In Zen they call it–literally “Beginner’s Mind.’

    • Oh that is so cool. It is a beginner thing. As we grow older I think we just have more on our minds. We just forget to one thing at once. More gets done that way anyway.

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