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“It’s Official” By Chris Zito

For me it’s not Labor Day or September 21 when summer officially ends. It was today. I put the air conditioners away.

Why pay for central air when the window units are so easy to install?

In our house there are three units. One for the master bedroom (or the “magic room” as I like to call it-to much eye rolling), Vince’s room, and Pap Pap’s room, so-called because my dad once stayed in the guest room. The basement is naturally cool in the summer and the rest of the house we can cope with during those occasional heat waves in New England. And by cope with I mean go to the movies or the mall or the neighbors’ who have central air.

The poor folks next door are one of the few in the neighborhood with AC.

Certainly taking the AC out is a wonderful invitation for Indian Summer. There have been years when I’ve removed my units and a full week later it’s nearly record-breaking heat in early October. I’m just self-centered enough to feel personally responsible. I’m like the guy who puts his snow shovels away at the end of March prompting an Easter weekend snow storm.

Thanks for nothing, Zito! You couldn’t wait a week?

Too late now. They’re gone. In their boxes and put in storage until next spring. Boy are we gonna save money on our electric bill! There’s about two weeks of perfect weather before we kick on the furnace. Merry Christmas everyone!

Whenever we get jealous of this house we just think of the
heating bill.  Then we remember-they can afford it.

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One Response

  1. Nice…thanks for reminding me I had to buy oil and that I took the ac out too early lol…Chris you really are a wonderful blogger!

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