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    Funny comedian, radio personality, & writer in the Boston area. Husband, father, one handsome devil.

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“Naptime” by Chris Zito

What does a kid wait his entire childhood to become, but never does? A grown-up. Because by the time he is one he doesn’t call them grown-ups anymore. He calls them adults. Grown-up is a kid’s word.

My perspective on everything has changed drastically since I was six.

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“Dumbass” by Chris Zito

I’m not too hard on myself. I give my self permission to pull one really dumbass move per month. Right now I’m all set until October.

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“Happy Anniversary” By Chris Zito

Nine years ago today Kimberly and I got married. I’m sure she appreciates all your prayers over the years. Come to think of it so do I. Most women would have killed me in my sleep by now.

“Please, Lord. We don’t know what she was thinking either,
but help her make the best of it.”

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“Things Dad Taught Me” by Chris Zito

We sometimes take for granted that fathers love their kids and will teach them important stuff. Not always true, but my Dad taught me all kinds of important stuff. For instance…

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