“Naptime” by Chris Zito

What does a kid wait his entire childhood to become, but never does? A grown-up. Because by the time he is one he doesn’t call them grown-ups anymore. He calls them adults. Grown-up is a kid’s word.

My perspective on everything has changed drastically since I was six.

Some things I loved as a kid I’m indifferent to now, like riding a bike. I loved my bike when I was a kid. I had a red bike with a white banana seat and high handle bars when I was maybe 9. It got stolen. It was a devastating loss, the biggest loss of my life up to that point. Some still subscribe to the Johnny Beebus theory, but that’s never been proven. Suffice it to say, my older brothers always assumed his guilt and he was unwelcome around our house after the theft. Johnny, wherever you are, if you’re innocent, sorry about the cold shoulder. If you’re guilty, I hope someday you end up in Hell and for you it’s riding my red bike uphill through eternity. Not that I hold a grudge.

“I took it my grave, Zito brothers!”

There were some things I hated when I was a kid that I absolutely love now. Shrimp, broccoli, and clam sauce to name a few, but we could go on all day about food. What I really wish I hadn’t fought so much was naptime. Imagine every afternoon after lunch, your boss stepping into the office or shop and shouting, “Naptime!” You’d have a mat rolled out and be flat on your back with a teddy bear under you arm faster than Johnny Beebus could pick a bicycle lock.  Allegedly.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


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  1. I’m with you in the nap time. I wish i could take naps still.

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