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“Where Are the Real Carnies?” By Chris Zito

We took Vince to the Marshfield Fair over the weekend. He liked the farm animals and the rides. We found out he loves corn dogs (of course he does, I’m raising, a red blooded American, not an al Qeada member!) .

“Corn Dogs taste horrible, Atef!”
“So true, Osama. And they’re bad for you too!”

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“She Doesn’t Know Him Like I Do” By Chris Zito

My grown son, Ben, got married last Saturday. As he pledged his undying love in front of God and everybody I couldn’t help but wonder if the bride knew what she was getting herself into.

This kid grew up to be husband material?

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“My Zip Code is Zero-One-None-of-Your-Business” by Chris Zito

I long for the days when you could go into a store, buy some stuff, pay the cashier, and walk out. Now there’s a quiz.

Sam Drucker knew how to mind his own business.

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“Abandoned? Hardly.” by Chris Zito

There’s a simple reason for the “helicopter parent” phenomenon. Parents today¬† are convinced that if they don’t spend every possible moment with their kids they’ll grow up to spend years and a small fortune dealing with abandonment issues. They’re mistaken.

Daddy’s here. Daddy’s here. Daddy’s here. Daddy’s…

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“Legos Suck” by Chris Zito

In yet another example of kids today needing more adult supervision than ever, Legos have become a toy virtually no child can enjoy without a parent’s help.

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“A Little Jumpy” By Chris Zito

Spending a few nights in a hotel with a small child always involves a tremendous amount of patience, tolerance, and jumping.

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“Staff Sargent Marden” by Chris Zito

My nephew Tyler is a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I lost count of how many nights I prayed for his safe return and can’t even imagine how scared his mother was at times. I just saw him over the weekend. He’s a young, strong, heavily tattooed genuine American hero.

Boy, I didn’t see that coming.

That’s our man on the left. What a way to make a living!

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