“Day Changer” By Chris Zito

It was one of those nice leisurely summer mornings until Vince decided he wanted to “make a train.” I reached under the train table in the corner of the basement to get the tracks out and felt wet carpet. Clear my schedule.

First thing to do was wake Kimi. Yes, it was one of those rare days when Mommy was getting to sleep in. Mind you at this point I wasn’t even sure where the water came from, I just knew that Vince couldn’t be in the basement while I investigated so she had to take him. You just can’t get a good look at a sump pump with a four year-old hanging around. It’s basic physics. The more dangerous the area the more he wants to be in it.

Here is the perfect spot for the boy to break his first limb.

The good news was, the pump was fine. The water had come from the dehumidifier in the storage room. There was no way to know how long the drain hose had come undone or why, but it had. This summer the dehumidifier has been pulling about a gallon of water a day out of the air. That is some serious dehumidifying! I replaced the hose and turned off the machine just to be on the safe side.

Oh no! My long list of stuff I’d rather be doing is going to get soaked!

Next we had to start drying out. Kimi planted Vince in front of SpongeBob (he’s not the best babysitter available, but you get what you pay for), and we proceeded to put everything in the basement on one side of the room so we could pull up the carpet. It was one of those morning when a stranger could have walked up to the front door and offered me ten bucks and moving expenses and I would’ve handed the place right over!

“You’re gonna love the upstairs!

Once the carpet was up it was off to the rental store to get a heavy-duty floor dryer. You know, the ones that look like giant upside down blue whistles?

This brand is so cruelly and ironically named.

The good news was once that was in place I got to go back to my schedule. Watching SpongeBob with Vince.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


3 Responses

  1. First I sleep in, next I plant my son in front of the TV. I’m up for mother of the year!

  2. I’ll vote for you!

  3. It has rained in our basement several times this year. Water even comes through our fuse box. Last summer I cared very deeply, but this summer… not so much. “Water is coming in through our electrical box? Eff that, I’m making a hot pocket and watching Invader Zim. It’ll dry out later.”

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