“Homecoming” by Chris Zito

A father walks through the door after being away on business. His son rushes through the house and leaps into his arms. His wife patiently waits her turn while her the men of the house get reacquainted. She and her husband exchange knowing glances knowing they will have their own reunion once the boy’s asleep.

And now here’s what actually happened when I got home last night…

I arrived at South Station in Boston while my son was in preschool and my wife was at her temp job in Cambridge. I walked with my duffel down to the red line and rode out to Alwife. Once there I walked a few blocks to my wife’s building, went up to her office where they told me she had left for the day. It was quite the overwhelming welcome.

My phone rang.
“I’m in the lobby,” Kimi said.
“I’m in your office.”
“It’s not my office. I’m a temp.”
“Well, they’re lucky to have you. I’m sure they’ll offer you a full-time position.”
“Ooh, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?”
We had only been apart for four days and had already gotten so used to chatting on the phone we almost forgot we were in the same town.

Finally together we said our hello’s and headed to the car. Kimi was driving my car. Remember, my car is the clean one, her’s is the…disaster area!!!
“I’ll drive,” she announced cheerfully.
Fine with me. I’d been traveling all day and had really been balls out the whole trip.
When we got to the car I realized she had volunteered to drive because the driver’s seat was the only one not covered in debris.

I’m told it didn’t really look this bad, but that’s what I saw!

We caught up on a few household details, held hands, and I stared at her until she thought she had something stuck on her face.

Once we got to Vince’s school I ran in and rushed to his classroom. There I got the greeting that every returning father through the ages has come to expect:
“Whadja bring me?”
I pulled out the Scooby Do wrist bands from my pocket and handed them over on the spot.
“Oh boy, let’s count them! I love them! Open them!”
And then, finally the big squeeze around the neck. Home.

As for the other reunion after the boy was asleep? This isn’t that sort of blog.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
Chris Zito


3 Responses

  1. Good stuff. However, it’s sure a long way from the Cleavers.

  2. So you had to go to Alwife to find Kimi, not Mywife? Boston placenames. Always entertaining.

  3. […] came in different animal or insect shapes. Now you can get the “Toy Story 3″ edition, a Scooby Doo edition, and soon the “I’m better than you in every way” […]

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