“Let’s Have a Parade” by Chris Zito

“I love ‘morial Day!” Vince can’t wait for the parade. He’s knows the drill. Candy thrown from floats, a balloon, and ICE CREAM!!!

After the parade we’ll walk right past the Fire Station, which the fighters open wide so the kids can crawl through a rescue vehicle and a ladder truck. Inside they offer Popsicles, toy fire hats, and a chance for guys like me to thank them for always being there.

All this fun stuff is a great way to get kids to the parade. We grown ups are drawn because of our obligation to remember. The whole reason I’m able to walk a few blocks in my little corner of America with my boy and buy him a balloon and an ice cream is because of the men and women who served and died to keep my little corner safe and free. Vince may be too young to understand all that, but his dad sure is grateful.

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
-Chris Zito


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