Body Language by Chris Zito

Hittin’ the road! Got my slightly pulled groin taped, my surgically repaired right knee in a soft brace, and my ultra-high-tech-heel pads in my shoes!
In my mind I look like this…

Not me. Ever.

That cute young woman running past me sees something more like this…

Not me. Yet.

My body complains.
“We could use a little more air in here, Grandpa!” my lungs remind me.
“How’s about 30 seconds of walking? Slow it down!” My heart begs.
“So…remember when you tore me once before? Maybe we could get off the grass and onto a smoother surface, what do ya say?” The ever-present ACL barks.

I’m not interested. The headphones are on and the pace, not what it once was, isn’t bad. Besides I know from experience that after the first half mile they’ll all shut up and enjoy the ride. For a little while.
“We’re cruising now!” exclaim my legs, the taped groin and braced knee temporarily forgotten. “Let’s move!”
“Turn here, there’s a hill around this corner. Time to climb!” cry my suddenly ambitious hamstrings.
“Crank up the volume! I love this song!” My entire body, freshly flush with endorphins, is feeling positively giddy!

My knees, heart, lungs, hammies, and I are about two miles in and feeling good. We’ve also been gone for about twenty minutes and my wife is beginning to wonder if I’m on my way back or clutching my heart, slumped over on a sidewalk!!! Just because my podiatrist, my cardiologist, my orthopedist, and my primary care doctor have all recommended brisk walking, she thinks every run could be my last.

Who cares? I checked with my mail man and he said to go ahead and keep running. By the time we all round the corner of our home street, there is a genuine feeling of triumph!
“We did it!” the lungs cheer!
“Nice job, buddy boy!” my heart sings.
“I’m starving!” my flabby stomach grumbles. Shut up. You’re the real reason I still run anyway.

No matter. We briefly enjoy our success. The ACL has held up again, the heels are not throbbing today, and we’re home safe.

Now. Where’s the ibuprofen?

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
-Chris Zito


3 Responses

  1. Such true sentiments from the body parts! Keep running!

  2. Heel pads-Check
    Crap ACL- Check
    Flabby Belly-Check
    Bad Heart-NO check

    Phew for a second there I thought I was you! ❤

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