I Need a Script! by Chris Zito

“I want to pretend I’m your baby dinosaur.”

This is what I got from my 4 1/2-year-old son Vince instead of “good morning” today. Okay, fair enough. After all, he’s the one pretending, how hard could it be.

I reach out to give him a morning hug. “NO!!!” he shouts!

Please God, let the neighbors already be up at…5:45? Oh man.

“You’re a T-Rex!”
For those of you who haven’t seen Jurassic Park the T-Rex is a carnivore, considered extremely dangerous by all other dinosaurs and Jeff Goldbloom, but lacks reach.
No hugging.

I’ve studied acting, including all that annoying improv stuff, but my experience and training are nothing compared to the mind of a preschooler.
The scene can change in a blink:
“I’m Spider-Man and you’re the bad guy!”
“I’m Iron Man and you’re the bad guy!”
“I’m Batman and you’re the bad guy!”

Alright, not everything changes, but you can’t very well be the same bad guy for all those superheroes! I can sometimes get away with a fairly generic, “You’ve won this time (insert superhero name here), but I’ll be back!”

It also helps to throw in the occasional, “I will destroy you!” or the ever classic, “Fool! you are no match for me”

The important thing for me to remember is that this game goes by quickly. Before you know it Vince will be moving on to something else. Like high school.
So let’s pretend while we can.

(Vince in background): I’m Superman and you’re the bad guy!

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
-Chris Zito


2 Responses

  1. Enjoy every moment .Cause when he gets to High School It will be: “I’m Vince and you’re the bad guy!” 🙂

  2. I can tell you right now, the neighbors are NOT up at 5:45.

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