Happy Viewing/Reading!!! by Chris Zito

I’m Chris Zito. Comedian, radio personality, speaker, writer, actor, and one handsome devil. That is one hell of resume, and one bogus claim. I won’t say which is which. You may never know.
I’ll post here mostly about my family life, which is great, my career, which is so-so, and my attempts to lose weight, which are ongoing. Always.

(Definitely NOT me)

Thanks for reading. Tell your pals.
-Chris Zito


7 Responses

  1. Hey, brother — nicely done. Shoot me a call. Love to all. Blest wishes for the blog.
    PS: What is a blog?

  2. You are one hansome devil! And quite the comedian! Enjoying the new blog already!

  3. You forgot ‘Good Dancer’

  4. Glad to see the blog being updated. Miss you much on the radio!!

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