“Let’s Have a Parade” by Chris Zito

“I love ‘morial Day!” Vince can’t wait for the parade. He’s knows the drill. Candy thrown from floats, a balloon, and ICE CREAM!!!

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Wait Till Your Mother Gets Home! by Chris Zito

For the last three plus years my wife, Kimi, and my son, Vince, have been inseparable.  I went to work, she stayed home.
She was with her baby boy, I got a nice meal every night.

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Body Language by Chris Zito

Hittin’ the road! Got my slightly pulled groin taped, my surgically repaired right knee in a soft brace, and my ultra-high-tech-heel pads in my shoes!
In my mind I look like this…

Not me. Ever.

That cute young woman running past me sees something more like this…

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It’s No Surprise by Chris Zito

My wife loves surprises. She loves being surprised. She loves surprising people. Sometimes she purposely forgets things so she’ll be surprised!

Unfortunately, her big plan to surprise me on my 50th birthday got squashed!

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Where Oh Where Is My Little Land-line? by Chris Zito

It’s only 30 bucks a month, but 30 bucks is 30 bucks. The old home phone had to go!

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I Need a Script! by Chris Zito

“I want to pretend I’m your baby dinosaur.”

This is what I got from my 4 1/2-year-old son Vince instead of “good morning” today. Okay, fair enough. After all, he’s the one pretending, how hard could it be.

I reach out to give him a morning hug. “NO!!!” he shouts!

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Let’s Reach Back Shall We? by Chris Zito

I’ve decided that from time to time I’m going to republish stuff I wrote years ago when my grown kids were little. They’re from a column called “Family Matters” which appeared in a couple of tiny weeklies, one in Watertown, NY the other in Berlin, NH. I’ve made a few updates here and there, but mostly they’re as they appeared back in the day.
It’s great posting this stuff because:

  • I don’t need permission
  • Younger readers have never seen it.
  • It saves me from having to write anything new today!

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